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Bus Vending Machine

Bus Vending Machine Aqua-VEND manufactured with high standards   providing maximum operating efficiency and flexibility.

Our Top-end compact machine is a small Vending Machine with highly efficient insulation which allows you to vend cold drinks on coaches and buses at the touch of a button!

It works with 24V power which is suitable for bus-like vehicles. Dive deeper into our two models AQUA Vend (500 ml bottled water dispenser).and MOBI SNACK.  

Passengers will touch the button, enter the coin and get the fresh cold water or snack!  Easy and Practical! Isn’t it?

Bus vending machine Aqua-Vend is single selection Column Vending Machine – 33 product capacity – 500 ml Bottles

International norms, In conformity with CE Norms and produced under ISO 9001: 2015 QMS.

Fixed Payment system via Coin Selector

2 Years Warranty, 10 years parts supply & After Sales Services Availability as per our General Conditions of Sales, Delivery & Warranty

OEM Production Possibilities and Custom Made Machines available for Quantity Orders 

Corrosion-resistant galvanized sheet metal production material

High-quality ARM Microprocessor

Fully Microprocessor Controlled Coin Selector

Secure Double-Fuse protected Electrical system.

Polyurethane Monoblock Body with Robust Steel Cabinet

Static Cooling System maintaining the temperature at +8˚C via Mechanic Thermostat

A standard 220V power supply can also be supplied with 24V (Battery or Power supply)

Secure Locking System.

Dimensions: 86 x 20 x 105 cm,

Weight: 70 kg

Number of Compartments: 2 separate columns = 33 bottles x 500 ml

Number of Selections:1 fixed

Cooling / Heating: Cooling

Payment Systems MDB Based; Coin Validator

Operation Voltage:

Without Power Supply Adaptor: 24 Volts DC (Suitable for buses)

With Power Supply Adaptor: 220 V AC -50-60-Hz


Without cooling: 50W                   

With cooling: 100 W                      

You Load it,
We Vend it!

bus vending machine

Keep your passengers Hydrated on the Go!

Experience the high tech vending machines with Tru-VEND! Not only limited to public locations but also public transport services and vehicles. Provide greater revenue for your business at the touch of a button.

Multiple Payment Systems

Choose among our wide range of payment mechanisms, from coins and cash to credit card systems. MDB protocol compatible payment systems.

bus vending machine features

User-friendly, plug and play Vending Machine

Get your Vending Friend; locate it in your bus, coach or even your cruise ship. Customers can get their cold bottled water in just a few seconds. Check out the user manual and start vending in less than an hour!

She Sells, You Earn!

Vending Machines for every location! Watch the video and learn more about vending machine business. Don’t forget to subscribe our Youtube channel!


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