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Snack and Drink Vending Machine
Maxi Buffet

Snack and drink Vending Machine, Maxi-Buffet is a high-capacity glass-front combination vending machine which can dispense snacks and cold drinks at different temperature zones.

The robust built is designed to withstand various conditions ranging from crowded train-stations to the hot tropical climates. Maxi Buffet is ideal for crowded international airports, public places such as metro stations, recreation areas and in every corner your customers exist.

International norms, in conformity with CE and produced under ISO 9001: 2015 QMS.

Change Giver, Coin Selector, Bill Validator and Cashless Payment Systems.

Snack and drink vending machine ensures reliable operation with Product Sensor

BITE (Built-in Test Equipment) automatically Fixing problems and/or displaying Warning Messages on LCD and Collecting data on erroneous sales

Real Time Time/Date Function Enabling Timetable Pricing (Happy Hour)

Programmable Power Saving Mode time table, providing low energy consumption

Effective Electronic thermostat controlled energy efficiency cooling feature providing long product life

Easy Selection Pricing Feature

Compatible with all currencies

Enhanced Motor Control System enabling detailed functional control

High Power Cooling Module providing low temperatures even in summer days (4 ~ 8°C)

Silent and Vibration Free Operation

Different Temperature Zone Operation with Optional Cooling and Temperature Display on LCD

OEM Production possibilities and Custom made machines available for quantity orders

2 Years Warranty, 10 years parts supply & After Sales Services Availability as per our General Conditions of Sales, Delivery & Warranty

High storage capacity EEPROM enabling storage of Settings and Statistics, 8 Mbit Flash for keeping LOG info 

High Performance Microprocessor Controlled MDB and EXECUTIVE protocols

Remote Firmware Update Availability with Boot-loader (Via Hand Held Terminal)

GSM/GPRS web based Remote Access and Data Transfer (Telemetry) (Optional)

Distance Data Transfer up to 1 km cable connection and RS232 interface for Master-Slave Operation (Optional)

Two Stage Alarm against Vandalism (120 db Audio Alarm, Unauthorized Door Opening & Impact Sensor)

ALARM Equipped against Vandalism. 120 db Alarm against unauthorized and forced access

Robust and reliable design with extra strong lock mechanism and Locked Money box

Switch Controlled Menu Entry with 4 Digit PIN Code Protection and two level Password (Admin-Operator)

Vandalism Protective Side Pieces (Left/Right)

Product Storage Capacity (Standard 6 Trays, 54 Selections)

Full-View Multi-Selection Snack Vending Machine with Double Glazed LOW E Tempered Argen gas glass front 

Adjustable Illumination and User Friendly Graphical LCD

Dual Position Trays enabling Easy Product Loading and Extra Stock Space on Top Storage Tray 

Label Holder providing easy Price Labels inserting

Corrosion-resistant production material

Robust Steel Cabinet and Reinforced Polyurethane Foam Insulation

Large Advertisement Space on Both Sides

Capacitive Touch Keypad & Optional Anti-Vandalism Weatherproof Metallic Keypad

User Friendly Customer Interface and Control Menu

Ergonomic design of the appliance door (Puller)

Wheel Based Unit enabling easy location change

Dimensions: 79 cm x 96 cm x 180 cm

Weight:  270 kg

Number of Shelves: 6 Shelves – adjustable

Number of Selections 54 adjustable selections

Cooling / Heating:  Cooling

Payment Systems: MDB Based; Coin Changer, Bill Validator, Credit Card Payment Mechanism, Cashless MiFare Mechanism, Coin Validator

Maxi Buffet,
Maxi Profit!

high capacity combo vending machine

Combo Machine in Every Corner

From universities, malls, recreation areas, metro stations, hotels and even hospitals count on Maxi Buffet high capacity vending machine to offer not only snacks and beverages but also numerous items.

Multiple Payment Solutions

Choose among our wide range of payment mechanisms, from coins and cash to credit card systems. MDB protocol compatible payment systems.

vending machine payment elektral

User-friendly, plug and play Vending Machine!

Get your Vending Friend, check out the user manual and start vending in less than an hour! No maintenance or technical setup needed.

She Sells, You Earn!

Experience a new way of earning money. Start your vending business now! MINIMUM investment, MAXIMUM ROI!


Maxi Buffet
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