About us

Elektral A.S.

Elektral® Inc. has been established in 1978 by Mr Sayil Dincsoy (M.Sc.) with the support of DPT (The Government Planning Organisation) and operates in an enclosed production area of 20.000 sqm. Elektral manufactures, Vending Machines and Security Metal Detector products. About 65% of its production is exported to more than 60 countries around the world. Our investments and employment opportunities are the leading in Security and Vending Industry Company in Turkey. EBSO (Aegean Region Chamber of Industry) has also honored our company on our 25’th anniversary by awarding us with the Highest Employment Growth Ratio among the electronic equipment manufacturers.

Elektral® factory is equipped with Automatic Conveyor Belts, Metal and Plastic foaming stations ,High Quality Machinery (Fiber Laser Cutter, Robot Welding, CNC Punch), R&D Engineering Team, IT Team for software programming, PCB design team and Total Quality Management. We have invested heavily in establishing a world-class group of R&D teams and facilities in Izmir (Turkey) to create innovative and profitable next generation products for international markets.

Due to the increasing demand for Tru-VEND vending machines, Elektral has expanded the ongoing operation in its recently acquired additional factory-space in Izmir Ataturk Industrial Zone. The new set-up consists of CAD/CAM, sheet metal processing, polyurethane foam injection, electronics assembly area, new conveyed production line, end-quality testing and Research & Development area enabling the production of new high-quality robust vending machines from the primary input of metal sheets in a matter of minutes!

As a company able to adapt to the latest developments in vending, Elektral owns the largest production plant in it’s own expertise field in the Middle East area. By manufacturing modules suitable for development we are able to produce own spare parts and own main boards. We convert a metal sheet into a high technology product. Elektral Vending machines can operate with worldwide most accepted MDB-Executive and other communication protocols. The high performance processors being used support credit cards, personnel cards, banknotes, coins and all payment systems that can be fitted on the vending machines produced. Today we are selling vending machines to many countries including Italians who are the inventors of vending. Recently Elektral has joined the European Vending Association, we are very proud to be a part of EVA! Some examples of our innovative vending machines are PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) Vending Machine, Mobile Accessories Vending Machine – Mobiloso, Flat Shoe Vending Machine, Electronic Box Vending Machine, Condom / Pad Vending Machine, Coin Operated Timer Machine, Bread (Bakery) Vending Machine, Money Changer and Card Recharging Machine, Mini Changer, Newspaper Vending Machine, Supplement Protein Vending Machine, Book Vending Machine, Maxi Buffet with Touch Screen, Mobile Vending Shop, Ice Cream Vending Machine being the latest innovation. Elektral has established a ten-years plan to be one of the top 100 companies of the region and a World Brand in ‘Vending Machines’ manufacturing.​

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